post tahun baru

it's 17 minutes to 2012.I'm spending my new year's eve by watching the notebook.perfect much.I wouldn't ask for more :)been working for the last 3 days ,it's  fun to be back and be able to work and meet people again .For this time round i'm on mission to get myself a bb.I still remembered in 2009 where momma asked me whether I want a blackberry as she volunteered to buy me one ,but I said NO,i don't want.-YOU SUCK SIXTEEN YEAD OLD FIFI!

Oh it's 11.59 !happy new year myself and I:)MY RESOLUTION ?well let's not have one again .resolution it's only  for boring people .NO OFFENSE:)

it's and the notebook is now showing my favourite scene:)

2012 and the  notebook reminds me of smellyhead .
Hye smellyhead ,thanks for downloading the notebook.
hye busuk,i missed you so well:(

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