growing up and living away from your parents tend to make you a  little different.
I have seen the change in me.I have accept the change out of me.
I din't asked for it,it just came out naturally.
It's apart of growing up.

Ibu,if I ever do you wronged
Im sorry.
I din't meant to.
I know I have been away for long and we have not been spending our quality together like before.
I know it's hard for you to accept the fact that I can't be with you like I always do.
I know you may think that I've forget about you while I'm away because I don't really call you.
It's hard for me bu,to call you when I'm there alone .
It's hard for me to even say hye .
It's hard for me to explain what I've felt bu.
I force myself not to call you when I missed you because I know you will be shredding into tears and I don't want to hear you sobbing because that  might cause me crying all night long and for that I owe you one thousand and one worries and I don't want to be sorry for that.
Ibu,I just want you to know that I loved you so.
I can take care of myself ,don't worry.
I know my limits ,bu.I 'm still holding on my stances.
don't worry ibu..I am still the same old daughter who loves to be with you watching soap drama and stand next to you while you're cooking.
Again I am sorry for what've done .
I love you ibu:.<3<3<3<3<3
you're my 1st love and will always be mine:<3:)

Insyallah,I'll do my best in life and hereafter.
Insyallah,I'll one day be there walking on a green path with HIS guidance .
Insyallah ........

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