no reservations

comforting myself with a good tracks from secondhand serenade,it has been a while since i last let my ears tune in to it.An hour ago i was with my bitches video calling ,okay hope to see you this sat-a-day roaming around star hill:(bukit bintang).saw a paper with a departure date to rome and that somehow bugs me ,imagine what if i am in the middle of mid term exams ,and as to what momma said i 've to let my ticket go and endure the fact that they're going without me.SHIISH that can not be happening ..sigh...

so let say ,if its happening to me, PATHETIC !!!im gonna cry for one whole week .HEY i should really ask dad for a green light to go on a trip to singapore with my peeps:)NGEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEhe.

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