closer to the heat

1.been going on a food  hunt for the best nasi goreng pattaya
2.and all still below the average of scrumptioniousity (which not even a word)
3.have been listening to marry me -train for the past few hours
4.customers and their desires .
5.the fucking days is moving so fast ,my glory moments for being lazily around at home is about to come to an end.
6.seriously enough ,you know it all keep it in no you need to tell me.
7.i should  actually spend my fucking rm50 on a meal at secret recipe yesterday.
8.left my fucking ipod on the speaker ,job well done!!
9.omg seriously YOU LIED TOO and you're lying ,we all did,so shut the fuck up :)
10.i fucking wants my goodnight sleep like the good old days after 11:)

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