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make both of my parents proud of me.eventho not a straight a's or more than 5 a's but still i did better than pmr(of coz it is nothing to compare to)but since that i slowly learn from the mistakes.I have worked for it.I could have done better.anyways getting my first a on science is a big thing for me.never in my life getting A for it.thanks cik helped me through it 're the only teacher that knows my study technique.So juniors if you need her to coach you on your science ask her she's willing to help you no matter what.She's a good teacher.And for my Bm .I got an A-.finally for a full paper .My version of a solid A-:)Many ran out of gasp when they heard i dint  got A b for english.Maybe it was to give to others who needs An a for their english.too bad.tired of crying over split milk.there's nothing i can change except changing the future and create a better steps to a higher level of self satisfaction .slowly but with extra umph:)

so the degree of feeling sick of waiting for the 23rd march is officially over and end just like fast like strikes of lightning .the laughters and tears of joy /sadness shown by all .COngratulations CONVENT:)we stand tall and keep on our fly flying up high.nobody can tear it into pieces.NO ONE;too Much enthusiasm :)yes the idea of being a convent girl:

applying uitm .but mom wants me to start college earlier maybe around may or prolly be goin to taylor's.insyallah i will found a place for me kick my arse off :)

well congrats all.1 or 10 or even none.
you guys have done well.
remember is not about how many a's you got is how many knowledge you have gained.
what important is you know that you understand the whole concept.
infact all our subjects needs tonnes of  memorizing.
who da fug cares,in the outer world people attracts to your creativity and your thinking skills and you gotta be wise ,in searching for opportunity .and yes last but not least your ability to communicate well;)
thats all.give a trust in youself and  remember to work hard for :)


i'll pray the best for all.

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