hello moon,im writing this to you

on the 2nd day of spam i was sitting for my english paper.i did not remember paper 1 or paper 2 went on first but all i remembered was the pressure while i was writing down the words on that piece of answer sheets ,the feeling is nerve wrecking .I found it hard for me to get the idea on writing long words,infact i was struggling really hard to keep on the words running out .I was running out of ideas and words of wisdoms.with the time constraint i was struggling  badly.I did the one word essay.tittled Home.i started out bad and when  i realized my introduction was bad i already   reached the 2nd paragraph of cancelled and begin with a better opening that was a gamble .i gotta chose getting all done within time or gettin a great introduction  without a closure.i choose not to write a new introduction.By the time the invigilators announced that only 5 minutes left.I quickly wrote down everything without the capability of thinking .words get mixed the 1st and the 2nd one.I FLUNKED both essays.

i cried badly when i knew my i did not get an A for it.i feel so dumb .to keep me feel better i reminded myself that 'as long as i know i can speak and write better than that i feel okay":)

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