write with me.

in singapore hours ago,refrain myself from looking at those  pretty notebooks ,files ,pens and clothes.thanks mom buying the last piece for my unofficial shopping list.for feb pay later,im only gonna spend 200bucks .not more than that.cuz i've overpsend for the jan's pay.heeeh.bad me:)shopaholic in the making.

encik hanif is planning a vacation ,yes all savings goes  to the vacation peea bank:)

sissy in paris.called her up and she says"bon jour"
oh sissy u trynna make me feel jealous.
have fun with the eyegulagula.
take a good care  of him.
i have missed him already.:(sob.
btw eyegulagula is me camera:)

remaja with sab.finally.!!.
and it rained.haha.
always and forever caught in a rain with her:

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