what have you done

its the sunday and still havent bathe.teehee:)finally watched the sex in the city 2 seconds ago,,so that makes me missed my babes in school:((they've been busy with work ,and so do I:)so made up the missy brain ,to work till march :)then later  im gonna spend my days healthy at the gym and start writing back,cuz i know i've been neglecting my pens and sorry double pEE:)

is desperately in need of a new sick and tired with the old same song i've been listening to.too much  stories behind it.

ngek's got  her bb finally.congrats!!

i am not getting  an itouch ,but i would want to get myself a deee kayhh ann why handbag .yes with my own money:)but gotta work for anota 2 months then i think money is enough to purchase one:)heheh

me so not a gadgets freak!!

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