a protection for life

i met the world on july the 4th year 1993.ever since that historic day  i am my parents 2nd daughter whom the named me hafifi hanif :)from that you know im a malay and yes a muslim:).slowly ,i learned from abc's to how to lift a heart when you feeling extremly down.I've been living on earth as me for 17 years 1 month and 6 days as a muslim.But never in that 17 years 1 month and 6 days i thought of waking up on the next day wearing hijab .well except for schools (well now i left school).I know it is against the law of islam of not obeying the rules .But how to when my senses still pushes  my questions whenever i need an answer .I would put on a hijab when i feel i really like it ,when im ready for allah ,when im ready for myself day:)

and that somehow make me think,on how can a majority of my muslim sisters take it as a easy way out of everything.when you feel you need a protection you put it on,when you don't need it you put it away .that is equal to like having pms ,you only need your sanitary pads when you in ur strawberry week ,when its over you dump it away!.

what's the big difference of you wearing it and posting  pictures of you in sleeveless and yes of course without hijab on any social site and yes of course pictures of you in tudung as well  and sometimes the caption will sound like this"don't you get mad at me of not wearing it" .somehow this people manage to unleash their hidden talent of being such a talented clown of the year:)horray!!
.so now my friend,you and i are alike.nothing much different huh::)isn't that like making fun of islam in a way:?

hello hijab for allah of hijab for fashion?
don't make yourself hard when you really can't

pretty pointless .

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