To all 97's spammers all the best for university/college & congratulations on your results.

well if you din't score as to what you expected  it to be ,or it din't turned out what you have hoped for. No worries. your chances await in college, retrieve them back.

I only managed to obtained 3a's and I scored my 1st A in science and got my first B for English.
Seriously i was devastated , but i slowly accept it,as there's nothing i could really do than polish some stuffs later on. I took up foundation in communication at a college in subang jaya, i did acceptably decent in semester 1. I can't believe ,i could study .As for semester 2,i had to take mandarin & a subject on research that killed me .Had to resit both papers, but sadly i had to repeat  mandarin ,but i switched it to economics ,and passed the other one. Thus, made me repeating a paper & had to undergo 6 months of classes ,just because i failed that resit test. Got a B for econs, and that allow me to continue my degree.

Previously ,in foundation my pointer was at 2 .00+  but as i entered degree, i picked myself up and i couldn't believe seeing a 3.30 and above on my results .

from a student who always failed her history,barely study geography, doesn't even did her essays , and shamelessly falling maths.

I've changed.

even it was just a tiny achievement,
but when there's positive changes
you're good to go.

But now,i'm taking up bachelor in early childhood education ,
things are going good with me ,despite the badass teaching skills by some of my tutors.

if you ever read this,
hope this gives you something to think or to reflect about.

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