warkah buat kekasih.

Dear love,

Remember the other day you asked me why have i not been updating my blog in a long time?It feels like lightning struck when you asked me so.for weeks I've been looking for lost pieces to put them back into a fine glad i've found what those lost pieces of glass today ,i almost hurt my finger when i picked them on the pavements.for all the things that happened to us ,i hope it wont happened again.I don't want to go through it all over again.Im in indeed pain if you wanna know.Every time you see me in silence that's when i actually think about us and what may tend to be happening again.Sometimes i even questioned how much do you actually take me as your girlfriend and how much do you love me?I never ask for more and i would never ask for more ,only one just be true to me.STAY TRUE to me .You know i love you and i've always love you .

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