crushed ice.

As day gone by i realized growing up is nasty .This is not what i have imagined 10 years ago.My imagination was just one real pure imagination.turning 19 in 4 months and im sure it's ain't pretty easy.The closer i am to 20 the more i feel i have made myself opened for responsibilities to come in.Even though i wished to be 2 again and to stay 2 forever i know i can't ,I won't be able to turn the clock upside down and get back to where i wanna start.When  nothing is easy in life you're a mess.My emotions is just all over.so many things have got me and caught me stay in confusion and im always  thinking what should i do ?.Sometimes in life i just wished they understand .I wished everyone to understand everyone so everything in life would be easy for all.I wish.I know even when i wish hard ,I know and I believe it wont be happening .Im beginning to missed my salad days ,i swear those are the best time of my life . It's not that i wished everything to be easy for me or i want it to be so ,it's just that i dislike when i keep on hitting on the wrong wall   and starting to  leave black marks all over the walls of reality.It's a disgrace to humanity.

p/s i need a real long rest by the waterfall.

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