don't fall and crumble again

sabrina zulkifli,

you know i'm never good in giving advice for love and relationship.I just want you to know that i loved you so and I don't want to see you sad no more.Things will get better .It needs time.You've gone through this I know this will be a little harder because you've loved and be with him  for more than  6 months .I know you so well ,that I hate to see you the way you are now.I want you to be happy ,remember our post spm days?It takes time.Insyallah things will get better.stay through and I want you to know I will always be with you .If you need me call me or text me up.I'll give my best to consult you and of course to cheer you up:)I pray nothing but the best for you .Trust me healing is never easy,it was not   easy for me too you gotta trust yourself and pushed yourself a lil bit or else you wont get out of the black box.Get some new tracks on your itunes playlist.Don't hate him nor forget.All this shits are just a lesson to be learnt .

fifi hanif:)

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