jalan tar.

after the incident i drove all the way up to pelangi .that's totally out of my comfort zone.
my heart skips a beat ..i iz very scared and thank god i have wonderful friends with me and john thanks for the guide.

well john and i still can't believe that abah allowed him to drive me around in his car.hahahahahaa.
he actually drove with only his new zealand license and we almost got caught thank god they din't stopped us.
hakim thank you for joining us or else john and i wont be able to find our way back home .
lucks hakim with ze girl :)

sab,thanks accompany me driving back home .you're the man!
hahahahahahahaah someone resemble someone to you.Woi ,jangan main -main weyh!!
see you around in alam shah or subang or kl or slash slash slash jb baby!:xoxo gossip girls!

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