it has been so long .

fugg,blogger uploader is acting like a bitch to me .that ain't helping okay .
oh well after a long holidays for sem break im heading back subang soon but somehow the days are getting slower .what is wrong with the earth?hurry up moves faster please.I just can't wait to see qay !It has been one fucking month and it has been the longest month ever .serious here no kidding man.I never thought i would  missed you this much and as day gone by I sayang you even better (sorry for the chezzyness readers) but ya i really do.

i got all teared up easily during the night      ,it just happened like that .

hey gila,don't forget to bring me sissa on my 1st day of college please or maybe on any day we feel like it !kayh qay:)i know you wont say no...:)

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