listen to you when you speak or scream,,,

so im gonna be leaving malaysia in 2 days,and im not amused  cause i am the only one left who have not packed everything yet.
am like having a mix feelings right now.believe it or not ,i am more excited for penang than this italy trip.
WHY?tell me why ,ain't nothing but a heart ache.

the most awkward thing can ever happened in this house or in this family is when you accidentally speak in english amongst each other ,even it was just for an ENGLISH means the earth collapse

so ibu is buying me P sticker tomorrow:)
and abah haz my P licence !woots
im a happy girl:)<3

sabrina zulkifli be less KEPOH will you.
i'll tell you when i feel like telling you.
i know im still new .
but i know things very well.HAHAHAHAHA:)#bitch please:!


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