lemony lemanize

               From babe to miss potter which both two's  are...........ughh i am suppose to be doing my english journal now but i am lack of ideas of how to start the journal ,life hurts even more than stepping on a nail.I am half dead right now,right here cuz i did not answered when mom calls ,4 missed calls from her!!.my phone died and so do I (about to).I was downstairs by the lake admiring the sky and the stars because i was bored lies fucking lies.lazy weekends for every week .I've got another 5o to survive for the last 5 days before i got home on friday evening with ze parents,they're gonna pick me up yeay highways again so long time never seen highway ,i forget what is like to be travelling using it since i last used it.haish vanishing acts i have almost forgot about your existence I am most likely going to ignore you for a while now because Im running for a marathon right now no RED LIGHT AWAITS along the road ,I'll come back to you when I am done with imw and english journal .till there then folks:)


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