this is a 30 days challenge.

29th september 2011
#dailyjournal 2.
MUAHAHAHAHA,!!thursday- the most epic day ever:)well fundamentally i have my morning class at 8 ;for just to be able to wake up before 7.30 is such a huge achievement to me,thank you so much for the alarm rommie nancy:)Apparently,for english today i have debate ,extremely funny cuz out through the debate i feel like laughing cuz it was my first time debating-basically i 'goreng'and this bitch her won!!!!HAHAHA super -dee-duper-hilarious:)so it is one good start of the day,i woke up early.won the fuckin debate and sang jalur gemilang and negaraku for malaysian studies.ONE HAPPY HAPPY DAY!

im late for thriller ,chow peepops

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