rock pun tak keras macam ni

thanks abah for willing to help me out to go to  singapore archives .I Owe you good marks for my malaysian studies scrapbook:)#thankgod,you love history .

cant wait to see you lovelies this friday,<3ibu,i hope you can cook ayam kicap and sambal ketok for me:)

i am occupied with overloaded assignments.oh god ,give me more time will you:)-LIFE IS SO HARD!

with midterms coming,assignments pilling up ,final project ,what even is their life to give me such a hard life !

for some people who might have the thought that i've somehow changed

-you are just truly do not know my true self and claims to know that you know me too well.Oh darling!

to mom,
am sorry i dont have any college life pictures to show to you,i just dont have the tendency to bring along my camera to class.
yours sincerely,
daughter <3

To whoever it may concern,
am sorry if i have may ignored you of all times ,i guess you  should think it twice baby don't make such assumptions .
yours truthfully
whoever to you:)

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