why here not there

to be honest ,i want you to end the relationship with you lover real soon !i bet i understand you better than she does.deena shaher make me realize how much have you revolve my life since I first felt the extreme feelings .you know,that should be me calling you my love,you know that should be in a relationship with you ,you know that should be me holding your hands.NOT HER,NOT HER NOT THAT YOUR WHOEVER SHE IS To YOU.

i was lying to myself all this while,even there was choice i would choose to lie anyway.
how could you love me( or maybe you don't even care to love) and not choose me to be with you.

shit ass
go die laa perasaan,
can i burn you now.


daniel said...

i ticked that... for being clueless

laluan jingga said...

trying to know more kah?LOL