very comforting.


 its raining here in petaling jaya ,still in confusion cuz i have no rough idea where the hell am i now ,is either subang jaya or petaling jaya oh god knows where:) ,aint an emo just loved being all by myself ,gives the fullest self -satisfaction.the communicators test proves it all im an intrapersonal-who enjoyed talking to themselves and preferred to work alone.

living independently can be very  though especially when you're out to the mall ,is just so hard even when you have  money ,shall never contribute myself into that again,aint go no be big away from your family just makes you wanna shop,not just shop but shop till you broke.NAISE:)

,i shall hail and embrace my will power to stand without shaking even a wind can shake me,no stick can break me.

i miss talking to amir :<3

p/s lucks me self for islamic studies later at 3pm:)

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