don't ever break your back

to watch all the birds flying from this view here is going to be well missed ,to be in this space at long hours the ones after 12 midnite are yet to be remembered .the feeling to  sit on  the couch watching soap with the accompany of a flies eater who swims and dance would gradually come alive strongly in my head when im there ,the foreign place of mine .

to know that i am going to be all by myself during ramadhan ,where i am not used to it ,never once i breakfast alone ,never once i am away from them .there's an english saying"there's always a first time":)

truth be told ,today marks my last day for being here in this space before i make a move to subang jaya to restart my brain to muggling all day long ,as many said '
"foundation you got no rest"
(just please don't ruin the mood)

two days left and independent are mine to grab:)
abah ibu sisters and brother
i am truly gonna miss you all
make an effort to come over during ramadhan(haiqal got 2 weeks off for puasa so naik kl)
                             a song for what i called it a home ,johor bahru see you soon baby:)

p/s sister number 2 do the dishes please sister number 1 do the rubbish dumping please:)

oh i wonder who's gonna do delivery calls ?


daniel said...

Awwh :( no more latenight sk8? and gossip summore... haih nvm best of luck fifi!

laluan jingga said...

all to be missed!
best of luck to you too meww

missgingerginger said...

you will used to it. goodluck fifi :)

laluan jingga said...

lucks to you too nini<3<3
p/s imy damn much !!