north pole .

what if i say if its still love
would you be the lover  to stir love together with me?

its funny how things happened so fast,we dint even realize that we both actually fall for one another .its not that we dint ,we did ..is just that we thought that time would be slower if we spilled love onto the solid ground.As we thought keeping  the untested feelings  in a jar  can  be a bright idea .When it gets overloaded it burst and let us knowing that it is all love .

Just when i had the thought i could keep it a little longer ,i was undeniably wrong i had it in me for so long and for me to let it go it was a surprised because it went on smooth and it gets smoother .well it takes two to tango.anyways i felt relieved there's no more cloud in my head,no more chasing pavements .got to say im proud of myself for letting it go and during the all out sessions i had serious tears in my eyes .all i want from you is to take a good care of your health and bake well :)

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