roadtrip to chapter 1

i should really rebuild my brain cuz it brings no fun when i cant find the right file of words  to even build a fine sentence on a piece of paper.when the paint starts to fade of  i need a pail of paint ,i shall get a bright booze me up early in the morning..i saw a glimpse of darkness trapped under my skin .am i ready for college?im lost.As college were the only hope for a good run ,well thats before as now as i am counting my days off to reality it is somehow making me realize that they're no place like my jungle.especially this corner ,the one here ..the one that i could see the sunsets which sometimes i gladly take a picture of it cuz it was like looking to a ray of hope.this corner kept me inspired well sometimes it does bugs me.

cut it out;i still have a month plus for college oh well...the one that actually leaving like real soon is my peeps yo.
you guys take care,have fun in college!!have a blast orientation :)gonna miss you peeps like loads.
with love xoxo gossip girls:)

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