when we collide we come together

you know when life gets bitter ,her  cravings on sugary candies goes on top.when she  can't smoke  weed a good british rock music helps her  wounding the inner pain ,and she  mosh and jump and flick her  hair back and forth to  the maximum volume in her precious jungle of her on .that's the story of a girl who doesn't live in a shoe with many kids.

  well i have been lazing around at home .so maroon 5 is like a week more to go and i am definitely thrilled about seeing adam levine singing live right infront of me:)travelling alone to subang jaya and im here planning for a trip to kampung alone too:)jyeah kampung and i 've figure out something which can be interesting to featured in lunaticsonline.MIND SAYS-street food:)Im craving for mok de's sambal tumis and her finest lemping keras :)muhahahahhaaha.

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