sexy is not leaving

so we had bbq in the rain.the heavy rain somehow drained all my emotions and it makes me go zombie till 6.30 am.and during that peak  hours there's this somekind of alley to the most likable place i ever experienced which allows me to retrieve a bag full of inspirations from the man who had beige color skin tone ,pink cropped jeans and he was even wearing a bright yellow sleeveless  blazer and a reggae boho anklet around both of his ankle-thought of makin this whole idea of the post to be a lie,a complete lie .(yeah about the man that just cuz i switched on my imagination button )

so after all these ....days i have been waiting for it to come back to me  and for that it put a smile on me.IM TOUCHED:)thankful indeed.:)-the awaiting paid off.:)

got more than just 2 articles to be done asap.SO what the hell your waiting for fifi!!!.
Go get you ass produce some wordrogines .-

shooo,wanna go clean myself and then get back to business.
in juz a bit,everything will be done-insyallah:)

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