31st march 2011.

for someone who dislikes technologies,who had known nothing about processor ,care less about megapixels and capacity of a gadget has successfully finished her 3 months period of working under for that 3 months i have befriended with the glorious macbook pro ,the gold digger ipad ,the giant imac ,the anorexic macbook air and the pretty ipod.HELLO BEEFS:)

my 1st day was weird,i felt so awkward.i juz had to tell every each of my  customers that i juz started don't expect me to answer every each of questions accurately.TRAINEE.-note that:)And since then  I had my 1st lessons of the human behavior.Standing for hours giving me cramps.Went home and was hoping for a better day tomorrow.:)

I obviously mixing with the best from the the chance to met paul,wong,rashid,william ,richard,feeka and fira.They're simply the coolest co-workers ever.cracking jokes,get bored together ,mcd-ing,stock tacking(zzzzzzzzzzzz).Well actually they're all my 1st co-workers.:)muahahah.

okay not to forget my dearest customers .those people from different walks of life.simply amazing.some makes me laugh,some makes me wanna gave them a tight slap right on their left cheek.or maybe on the right too.some makes me wanna asked their number.some makes me wanna hang myself alive.some makes me wanna scream  right on  through   their ears .SOME ARE JUST ANNOYING AS HELL!.:)some are just wasting my time on the most wasteful ways .So thanks for the memories strangers:)

now let me awarded  the best customer with  a token of appreciation 
#drum rolls
the guy who troubled himself finding crampler in jb who ended the conversation by complementing me:)

after 2 months of working i guess,came along feeka and fira.even though i know u both juz for a while .even with the time constraint we 're bonding so well.aren't we:)hey take care darlings.have fun at work.jealous big time you both can still use the photobooth .ahh i am so sure u both will miss me .trolololololo:(
gonna miss you both!!
naqius hello-jangan nak sengih sangat dekat kerja.hahaa.
kak fiera-ahh he's a loser,you can do this girl!!.:)

mucho love...

oh ya to mr henry,sharon,.miss sheah ,miss lee and kak siti(the admin people)
see you soon .thanks mr henry for hiring me.
i know i talk a lot:)
:)jyeah .

i juz gotta say this out loud

'graduated from apple with cgpa 3.98'

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