you got my head spinning

21st march 2011  and its stories.

1.early to work.
2.cut and paste with scissors and glue.
3.the purple glue reminds me of year 2010.
4.resignation letter edited.
5.resignation letter printed.
6.resignation letter handed .
7.resigning soon:(sob.
8.brother george thanks for the compliment:)
9.laughed so much today.
10.working is fun:)
11.hello :
12.hey imma johorean la"kawan memang orang johor"
13.yes i know before dcm it was best world.
14.why not ask for my fb.:)hehe.
15.wooo was the love at first conversation.
17.bluetooth dude.
19.kena bebel asyik keluar tgk wyg:)padahal tomorrow will be like my 3rd one.

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