letter for mom.

dear parents,

waktu kecil umur 5 tahun you both send me to rainbow for early education .ibu ,you want me to be able to write,read and speak in english,i graduated kindergarten in year 1999.year 2000 i was 7,you both drove me to straits view and i was shocked why am i were send to a  bungalow house with a batik uniform on me ,oh im goin to school as a primary one to sstdi .i can't recall if i were scared or anything opposite to it .all i remembered was making new friends on that very 1st day.ibu you bought me a sesame street backpack and cookie monster lunch bag.During that period of time i thought i was the coolest kid alive.:)having recess for like 3 times a day.and then i graduated my primary years in 2006.scoring 3a's for upsr .syukur alhamdullilah.i did make you both happy:)

You both brought me out of a private school and soon later that day on january 2007 i discovered convent was nothing like sri utama.ibu ,please i can' studies is deteriorating.bad time culture went over after several months.i had fun.every year was a gift.sat for pmr i flunked.An a for english.In year 2009 i was even struggling with  my studies ,somehow it gets sorry ibu and abah.:i am really am.

2010 the year i gotta  changed and create a better road for me to drive on it safely .2010 wasn't the ending,it was the beginning of everything.I knew things were better last year.less mumbling and more trust on me.i sense that just few more days i 'll getting back my results.And ibu i knew you always wants me to study tesl .I have been thinking about  it night and day.seconds over minutes.hours over hours.and today i 've made my final decision to do diploma in tesl .insyallah ibu,fifi akan buat ibu bangga::)terima kasih ibu sebab hantar ke rainbow kindergarten kalau tak fifi hanya boleh cakap bahasa melayu jer;abah terima kasih bayarkan yuran skola.and get me nice school bags .:)

your daughter :)

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