pretty hard to believe that i finally drove ,and it gave me goosebumps when i lay my feet on the clutch and compressed(?.lol wtv)it and seeing my hands on the steering and turn it around so the car wont go stationary for like forever.I seriously felt  like a non-virgin and freakin feelin legally 18 .OH MOM I DROVE the car back home .what makes my heart felt extra jumpy and dying is was when the coach told me to get out of the driving track.oh for goodness sake,coach i only drive for like 20 minutes and you want me to drive on the road ?shitty shit,i wasnt even laughing ,well i felt too but i juz can't'SUPER HYPNOTIZED BY THE EVIL SOUL OF THE KANCIL'.i dint put on the seat belt and safely drove back home.GOOD LUCK MYSELF.YOU CAN DO THIS:)

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