chapter nineteen.

as like any other off day i am feeling so extra lazy of doing the chores of which mom would go high if she knows i am ignoring the laundry and the state of the jungle which i make a little mess here and there.the feeling is so vivid as it eats me into pieces i couldn't help  myself from sitting on this blue headless chair looking at the  screen,yes i've made myself  busy with facebook  and this missy blog here ever since in the morning ,as early as 10.30:)oh godness gracious how good  life is !!.

after watching the whole episodes of junior masterchef on youtube ,it brought  me back to the past where my friends and i spend almost a day in the cooking room in school for ert with pn khadijah.the chaos and the smell of good food.people rustle in and out buzzing bout the great scene of the cook and the loud teacher.but for your loudness i am still alive,or else i'll get myself burn while doing the cooking.oh how i missed cooking for you pn .khadijah:)<3<3.missing my ert lessons with ya:)for my worst cooking would have been my -sambal goreng ,epic failed.
my best cooking would be -ohooo the list will be go on and on..(ceet me  no skills in the culinary arts)
it should be my -ayam masak kicap and grilled chicken and mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce on top:simply the best:)
oh ya i missed baking as well,my first home baked would be my choco chips muffins which i happily baked on july the 4th last year during my birthday.with bowls of love i baked for my love:)so i wonder ?i used to fall in love with a chef ,the love for the chef has come to an end  but never for  fresh baked muffins :)i shall bake :)<3<3

so last year somewhere around november i bought 'the street kid'.read about 10 to 12 pages then i  put it away so i can catch up with my studies back  cuz i was brutally battle with spm ,so then i hold on with it till february arrives ,so the story is really is devastating ,about a lil girl who is desperately living a hard life with her evil  dad and her father wicked witch  girlfriend,who wants to full their stomach with a spoon of soot.she was brutally abused by her father's girlfriend.her life was full of pain and misery.i have not finish reading yet.teehee:)
i 'll rate the book when i finish reading :)

btw,blog ni puas baca ,rasa macam bila lah blog aku nak ada topik haha.okay ini blog terbaik go and click
 kelakar dan menarik:)teruskan mengarang:)!

so friends come and go.

while true friends stay.

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