when tides are high.

30th december 2010

it has been a splendid weeks for me ever since spm ends.after one another things just hit me like dabombz.frankly saying i wasn't really enjoy my days back in sedili for that camp cuz i found it really hard for me to fit in.i feel so top thing off,that beekerz asked me why am i always being by myself."this is me maybe":)but i am having fun on  my own,making fun of this and that by talking to the brains while the ears are there always to hear a little .I KNOW I KNOW I always rock it in a wierd way:)so i think angsana dont need me.gonna try my luck by going for the interview in dcm which  due tomorrow.i am super -dee-duper-nervous.
so im gonna party like a rockstar tomorrow-BOWLING :):):)

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