sugar high lazy bump.

so since the day i jumped hooray for acknowledge the fact that spm is over i get too carried away with the i -am -feeling -super-free-and -lazy-alert-syndrome:)and juz so you know i juz did a little cleaning with the books,it feels so sad but it is pretty weird to actually throw everything without getting a new sets of exercise book in time to come.why din't i cry?make some space in the room for the workers to rustle in and out of the bathroom of mine tomorrow since my bathroom is finally getting a make over!!Horray!!.flapjack!!!!

bowling?sorry chickas me got no cash currently.see you babe when i finally financially stable..:)

the trip to uss with the love ones was a MIRACLE.
so miracle do happens:):)
and what's ur name dude in red plaid and yes your hair is curly and i like it:)

"no one actually understand us,no one can really can ...cuz the only person who understands you better is only    you and will always be".

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