ohh yeaah baby!

it seems spam is over .

yet i realize how heartless can i be.i feel uhmazing anyway.
thanks for the past ,pages of history ."those who forget bout history tend to repeat it again"
i guess i did it right:).always:)even if a mistakes tho who cares,arent we supposed to break rules,"when a man created rules,he will  go against it,".

city  square ,the last time i was in you was when back in july 8th:)

yesterday browsing over m'sia indie songs on youtube.oh how i miss listening to couple,bittersweet,the times,oag,laila's lounge and more of took me back to the past to reminisce the scene in city plaza   .oh good times good was love to see the times and laila's lounge performing.hardcore and metal rock was never really my thing.somehow i think ,buskers are the ones with talent,they dont really care if they get paid or anything as long as people enjoy listenin to them .their musics are pure .always thinks they're cool.wish to have buskers as a friend:)

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