fly like a bird,im gonna fly away

SPM DAH HABIS#mimicking lyana jasmay in kami

so my half donkey half snake turns out to be half unicorn half snake.and it does look yellow:)but the trees aint look good enough.background shitto mama i was struggling wth time..i stood up and jumped:enough said i was panicking .uber panic.shoo ngeky out.and bal no dont look at me.not bad completed all in the last 25 minutes.awesome job:)okayy.

apologize for not replying texts or return the calls.
this is not ma thing la..ketek ketek ketek ni.
i seriously think i should give away my think so?
i dont think so to!

tuesday narnia with the girlfriends.
wednesday party with mates5pa2  in seoul.,korea,garden
universal studio on friday wih cousins and fam and baby nana and dam jb back on idk when.
camp in mersing with the fifth formers for 2 days and a night.

so i worked for schools for like 3 times,so am i hired:)
should really get a job 

and start writing back for lunatics.



and lose weight...i think i can do better than 2008:)

ch with jean and sara:)

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